Cheetah 3.2

Cheetah improves the efficiency of downloads ensuring more files are received
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Kazaa and Grokster (Fasttrack P2P Network programs) suffer from a number of performance limiters. The biggest problem is most files fail to download for a number of reasons. If you don't get your file within 20 minutes, you probably won't at all. Cheetah addresses those weaknesses and improves the efficiency of the downloads ensuring more files are received in less time.

Many critics have challenged the merit of Cheetah. To put it simply, there are a number of similar programs on the market varying from free (See Speed Up associated with Kazaa Lite) to some for as much as $25 US. They all work similarly, in that they force Kazaa (and it's clones) to search for more downloads continuously. This typically results in improvements for both dialup and high speed users of 3 to 10 times the number of files in the same period.

That's where the comparison ends though with Cheetah and it's competition. None of the other's check the files for duplicates. With the introduction of monthly quotas on many of the ISP's now, how much you download becomes important. Why download something twice (or again if you received it before or worse, if it's already on your computer). Cheetah currently recognizes the first of these issues by eliminating duplicates in the active downloads. Within a short period, previously downloaded files and files already existing on your computer will not be downloaded again.

Contrary to other network accelerators, Cheetah (nor any of our competition) will not make your connection run any faster! On loading Cheetah, you won't see any immediate benefit however, leave it running and check the results the following day. The benefits should become clear.

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